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aromatherapy practitioners guide

Aromatherapy Practitioners

Typical Training Received By Aromatherapy Practitioners

An aroma practitioner must undergo training in various programs by an accredited and recognized school by respective governing agencies to be considered aromatherapy practitioners.  There are certificate and diploma programs at which an aromatherapy practitioner may learn their trade. 

Job Outlook For Aromatherapy Practitioners

Aromatherapy students receive training in holistic therapies from highly qualified experts in the field.  Students will receive experience and the skills that are useful for a private practice or for assistance to other professionals.  Professionals who can work with aromatherapy practitioners include nurses, geriatric professionals, rehabilitation staff, counselors and physiotherapy.  Aromatherapy practitioners can also work with doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths. 

A student can take their studies beyond aromatherapy to specialize in areas such as human resources and athletic training.  Students receive training on how to operate the business of a private practice in an ethical way. 

Students Learn About A Variety Of Aromatherapy Treatments

Students will learn about the treatments that are normal fare at an aromatherapy spa including aromatherapy facials, cellulite treatment, creating custom blends, aromatic body wraps, massage treatments, mud treatments, exfoliating techniques and use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy students will learn about medical properties of essential oils.  There in depth study about the history of aromatherapy, the properties of essential oils, chemotypes and hydrosols, safety precautions,

toxicology and contraindications and the chemistry of essential oils.  Other related topics that are covered include anatomy, physiology, pathology, and their associations with aromatherapy. 

Aromatherapy students study the olfactory system, emotions and memory, pregnancy, birth, different stages of age, energy work, lymphatic drainage massage techniques, acupressure, reflexology, draping techniques, consultation, and assessment. 
Aromatherapy students can learn about auricular therapy, also known as ear candling, is taught to students.  Ear candling is used to clear the ear canal and it can improve hearing and clear the sinuses.

Students can choose to be taught about myomassology.  Myomassology involves specialized massage techniques and involves aromatherapy.  Students will learn about the techniques and benefits of reflexology, craniosacral therapy, chair massage, acupressure, Chinese cupping, body mechanics, paraffin therapy, Tuina Chinese massage, thalassotherapy and pregnancy massage.  Other studies include Bach flower essences, hydrotherapy, cleansing, detoxification and oxygen therapy.

Reflexology is the study of bodywork using pressure points on the body for the beneficial effects to the health.  Students will learn about specific conditions and their key areas for reflexology as well as the techniques for improving these conditions. 

Aromatherapy is an excellent field and aromatherapy practitioners can find that their services are greatly appreciated and desired.  Aromatherapy practitioners with such a variety of skills is valued for their stress relieving and healing skills.

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