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aromatherapy carrier oils guide

Aromatherapy Carrier Oils
By Nadia Cyrus

What Are Aromatherapy Carrier Oils?

 Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for healing purposes. Whether they are inhaled, absorbed, or ingested, these essential oils can help to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses. Essential oils are concentrated extracts that are taken from the roots, leaves, or blossoms of plants, and each of these oils contains its own mix of ingredients and offers its own benefits.

Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

There are also aromatherapy carrier oils, which are basically oils that are used in conjunction with the essential oils and which are what helps to release the effects of the oils. Before any essential oils can be used in aromatherapy they must be diluted in a carrier because they are too powerful to use on their own. This is where the aromatherapy carrier oils come into play, and they are better than creams and other carriers because they are so versatile. They play a major role in the practice of aromatherapy in general, and a much more significant role than most people realize. Aromatherapy carrier oils contain vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, and they are highly effective in treating an array of conditions. They

are known as base oils because they do not evaporate, and they are largely derived from nuts and seeds. There are a few exceptions to this generalization however and anyone who is allergic to peanuts for instance should be aware that they do have other options here. Choosing Your Carrier Oils When it comes to choosing aromatherapy carrier oils there are a few things in particular you are going to want to remember. First keep in mind that choosing a carrier oil is basically the exact same as choosing an essential oil, in that you want to choose one that is going to offer the effects that you are looking for. Lavender for instance is great for soothing and relaxation purposes, while jojoba and rosehip oils deliver outstanding results in facial treatments. Sweet almond and peach oils are very versatile and can be used for a number of applications, and can actually be used for both massage and facial treatments as well. This is not true about all essential oils as some are too heavy and not absorbed easily enough. The practice of aromatherapy is one that is now widely loved around the world and which can offer great healing properties. There is also a great versatility to the practice as you can implement aromatherapy through inhalation, massage, or even facial masks, just to name a few of the many options.

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