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aromatherapy jewelry guide

Aromatherapy Jewelry
By Nadia Cyrus

Take Your Pick From Aromatherapy Jewelry Options

Aromatherapy jewelry is actually a continuation of an age-old tradition of wearing perfumes and essential oils. Since historically, essential oils are a new name for the old plant extractions. Wearing aromatherapy jewelry has been enjoyed for a long time under different guises and its recent new popularity will ensure that aromatherapy jewelry continues to be worn for pleasure and the positive effects of aromatherapy.

Fragrance For Pleasure And Healing

In ancient times, aromatherapy was practiced by various cultures where scented oils were burned and valued for giving settings harmonious qualities. Eventually, people began wearing fragrances for pleasure and healing purposes. It was necessary to find ways to contain the scent so that it would last longer on the body. The bodyís heat evaporates the fragrant oils that are put on it. The skinís natural oils break down the fragrance and the fragrance that is not evaporated is absorbed by the skin.

Old Solutions For Lasting Fragrances

In ancient Egypt, there are records of scented cones that were worn on the head. These scented cones took advantage of the bodyís heat. The cones melted into the hair and gave off their fragrance in this way. During this long relationship with fragrance, people have worn a variety

of scented objects on their person. Scented finger rings were recorded as being worn during the 12th century in the Arab culture. Fragranced sachets were used regularly in Tíang dynasty of 17th century China. The pomander was originally a scented ball placed in a container and worn on the belt or around the neck.

Variety Of Scented Jewelry

Nowadays, you can find essential oils being used in aromatherapy jewelry. Some aromatherapy jewelry uses terra cotta as the means to capture the fragrance. A few drops of essential oils are dropped on the terra cotta piece. A few minutes are allowed to let the essential oils sink in and then the piece is ready to be worn. You can usually only wear one essential oil, a combination of essential oils or compatible essential oils to avoid an unwanted fragrance blend.

You can also find aromatherapy jewelry that uses replaceable cotton pads. With enough cotton pads, you can wear any single essential oil or essential oil blends that you desire. There are pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets that can be scented with essential oils. You can even find little bottle shaped jewelry that resembles the urns that were used in ancient times to store essential oils. Aromatherapy jewelry is a long tradition among people who love fragrances and perfumes. Although aromatherapy is a modern name, the idea is still the same. You can wear aromatherapy jewelry and enjoy your favorite scent throughout the day.

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