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aromatherapy neck wraps guide

How To Make Aromatherapy Neck Wraps
By Nadia Cyrus

Aromatherapy neck wraps is one of the the most comforting spa accessories that people love. Many people get tight muscles in their neck and shoulders from stress.  Aromatherapy neck wraps can soothe the area and relieve the tight muscles.  The aromatherapy oils aid deeper relaxation.

Because not everyone’s neck is the same size, it's better for you to know how make aromatherapy neck wraps so you can customize it. All you need to do is create two sacks, one for holding the filling and the other to protect your skin from the heat.  Each of the two rectangular sacks is cut to fit around your neck only with the fabric doubled in width so you can easily make a sack by sewing up one side.  You can decide if you want it to overlap or you want to add ties to secure it when you are using it.  You need to allow about 1/4” on each side extra to allow for the seams. 

For the inner fabric, you can use any fabric that you like because this will not be seen. Broadcloth or other plain fabric will do. For the outer fabric, you can use pre-quilted fabric, polar fleece, flannel, wool or other warm comforting fabric that will be thick enough to protect your skin and keep in the warmth. You can recycle clothing to make your aromatherapy neck wraps.

If you use polar fleece, you will not have to turn the edges under because this fabric does not fray. Sew both sacks so one side is left open. After you fill the inner sack, you can sew the top closed. The outer sack will need to have an opening so you can insert the heated bag into it.

Fill your bag with dry rice, buckwheat, millet seed, flax seed or beans. You can toss in a few aromatic spices such as cloves, cinnamon or herbs if they complement your aromatherapy oils. Do not fill completely as you need room for flexibility and comfort. You can add a few drops of essential oils to the filling or you can add a little pocket on your neck wrap and use replaceable cotton pads with essential oil on them.

Essential oils that are great for relaxation and rejuvenation include lavender, peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass, cinnamon, rosewood, cajeput, cassia, elemi, eucalyptus, anise star, grapefruit pink, tangerine, sandalwood, pine, patchouli, parsley, palmarosa, geranium, helichrysum, hyssop, myrrh, myrtle

and niaouli. If you have a favorite essential oil, use that one to please yourself.

To use an aromatherapy neck wrap, place it in the microwave for bursts of high heat for 30-second increments. If you heat it too long the seeds can burst or burn, which will make your neck, wrap stinky. If you want a moist heat, spray the neck wrap lightly with water before putting it in the microwave. It does not take long at all to heat up an aromatherapy neck so be careful not to burn yourself. Do not place the wrap on your neck until you are sure the heat is suitable.

If you desire a cold wrap, place your neck wrap in the freezer so it will be cold when you need it. Once you know how to make aromatherapy neck wraps and make your first one , you will see how easy it will be to expand to make larger sacks for your back or legs. Aromatherapy neck wraps are great for relaxation and the relief of sore, tense muscles.


Moist Heat Aromatherapy Warming Neck Wrap provides moist heat, for comfort purposes, but also provides aroma therapy, which has relaxing properties of it's own. This warming therapy products possess a level of quality not found in your local neighborhood drugstores.

They are made from the highest quality polar fleece to ensure pleasure and comfort for every part of the body. This aromatherapy neck wrap is microwavable, aromassentials and portable - not electric plug in; four, you can use it in other places other than neck i.e., lower back; and lastly the look and subsequent feel of the material is amazing.

More information  : Moist Heat Therapy Warming Neck Wrap - 174-101-10Aromatherapy Herbal Neck Wraps

  Aromatherapy Herbal Neck wraps

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