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Aromatherapy Mist

What The Heck Is Aromatherapy Mist?

This writer has been learning and using aromatherapy for nearly twenty years, and even I had never heard of aromatherapy mist.  That's one of the great things about aromatherapy – you never can learn it all.  Some find this frustrating, but others find it invigorating.  You might discover that your favorite aromatherapy supplier mist call an aromatherapy mist by another name like "spray".

So, What Is It Then?

You ever squirt yourself with cologne and miss?  Suddenly, you're choking on the way too fragrant cloud that attacks your eyes, nasal linings and your tongue.  An aromatherapy mist kind of works on that principle, but it's much less intense.  The spray is very thin – almost gas rather than liquid.  It scents the air rather than your skin.

You can then spritz this aromatherapy mist about your head.  Works when you know you're not going to be moving anywhere for a while.  This is especially good for those who need some quick stress relief while at work or even more intense relaxation assistance when trying to get to sleep. 

Body Sprays

There are aromatherapy mists that are gentle enough to use as body sprays or body mists. 

Read the label carefully to see if it is okay for contact with human skin.  Don’t just assume.  Some aromatherapy oils are far too irritating to touch, even in a diluted form.  And there are those of us that have more sensitive skin than others.

I'm one that has skin of asbestos when it comes to marjoram essential oil.  You never should put it undiluted on your skin – unless you're me.  I use it as a perfume, in the bath, mixed with body lotions and as a linen spray.  However, I would do a tiny skin patch test of any aromatherapy mist to see if your skin tolerates it.

You know your skin hasn't tolerated it if you have problems breathing, suddenly get hives or itchiness.  Then, you should wash the stuff off and, if you feel you are about to choke, call an ambulance.  This extreme reaction is very rare, but you should be aware of it.  If, however, nothing happens to your test patch after 24 hours, then it's pretty safe to assume you can use it on other parts of your body.

Pure Or A Blend

There are two kind of aromatherapy mists and, by the time this is published, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's a third.  In the meantime, you can get pure or blended aromatherapy mists.  Pure means just one oil is used, while there is a whole cast of characters in a blended formula.

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