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Aromatherapy Spa

Typical Treatments At An Aromatherapy Spa

An aromatherapy spa is the latest version of the scented baths and treatments that have been popular through the ages.  The aromatherapy spa is not too far from the luxurious Roman bathes or Egyptian body care practices that were enjoyed in the ancient world.  An aromatherapy spa combines the relaxation of aromatherapy with skin and body care treatments.

An aromatherapy spa offers high quality treatments that include specially blended natural formulas that use gentle techniques for skin care.  Aromatherapy uses essential oils to enhance the skin care techniques.  The essential oils used in aromatherapy have properties for different benefits.  Essential oils are used for the treatment of various common ailments and for relaxation. 

Beauty Treatments

At an aromatherapy spa, you can get an aromatherapy facial.  Aromatherapy facials can be customized to suit your need.  You can get aromatherapy facials for acne, dry skin and deep cleansing.  For your hair, you can try aromatherapy hair care.  Aromatherapy hair care will condition your hair and will enhance your hair by adding shine and fragrance.  You can also treat the scalp during aromatherapy hair care. 

There are various techniques of aromatherapy massage.  You can have

cellulite massage or relaxation massage for your neck and shoulders or an all body massage.  Cellulite treatments that are meant to release the toxins and fat in the tissues.  You can also have aromatherapy baths at the aromatherapy spa. 

Health Treatments

Another popular treatment is the reflexology session for relaxation, circulation improvement and brings balance to the body.  Reflexology uses pressure points to improve your health.  Body wraps are a luxurious way to treat yourself.  The benefits of body wraps are an improved sense of well being and a stimulated immune system.  Aromatic body wraps can also be customized to target problem areas or for healing. 

At an aromatherapy spa, you can try the mud treatments that draw toxins from your body, revitalize, and nourish your skin.  There are also exfoliating techniques and salt glow treatments to improve and detoxify your skinís texture while improving its appearance. 

Auricular therapy, also known as candling, is used to clean the ears and create a vacuum in the ear.  This vacuum alters the pressure in the ear canal, which can clear up sinus passages and improve hearing. 

There is a variety of natural treatments, which you can enjoy at an aromatherapy.  Spa staff is skilled at devising a treatment that is customized for you.  You will find relaxation and renewed energy after a trip to an aromatherapy spa.

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